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Personal Development Outcomes Leadership Ability of making thoughtful decisions about the team’s mission and goals, and properly allocate resources to achieve those directives. Valuable leadership skills include i.e. the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively. Adults will also be able to analyse and understand their personal leadership profile with a profiling tool.
Perseverance and Resilience People will have the opportunity to build and strengthen their capacity to persevere through difficulties and toughness. Strengthening inner resolve helps immensely when faced with challenging situations in modern life.
Team Development Outcomes Interpersonal Communication The ability of each individual to articulate and express themselves more confidently and openly with people of a similar age and stage. This extends to collaborative interactions, and the ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with others.

The Outward Bound course will be a 5 days journey-style experience for adults. All the course activities will be conducted in a group. Challenging adults as a group, and with individual initiatives and tasks, will provide them a lot of chances for social interaction and development of their communication skills. The learning process will include relfection on social behaviours within the group. The students will be engaged in activities, which would challenge as a team, but also on a personal level. Those would be thought provoking experiences through which people can identify their strengths, weaknesses and recognize their positive behaviours.
Adult courses are also a fantastic way to meet likeminded people also interested in bringing out their best selves and discovering their hidden potential, and friendships can last for many years after such meaningful and positive experiences.



Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Morning Icebreakers
Intro. to OB
Soft Skills Workshops: Introduction to Leadership

Expedition Kayaking

Expedition Roles Natural
Rock Climbing
Final Review
Transfer & Action Plans
Cleaning & Showers
Lunch Canteen Packed Lunch Pack Lunch Packed Lunch Canteen
Afternoon Rock Gym / High Ropes
Expedition Planning
Shoreline Exploration
Tyrolean Traverse Service Learning Travel Home
Evening Soft Skills Workshops Campfire Skills Evening Group Work Evening Group Work
Sleeping Camping Camping Camping near Beach Dorm