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Personal Development Outcomes Leadership Ability of making thoughtful decisions about the team’s mission and goals, and properly allocate resources to achieve those directives. Valuable leadership skills include i.e. the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively.
Confident Communicators The program will build opportunities for young leaders to find their voice, through soft skill workshops and experiences that intentionally build communication skills including public speaking and mock interviews.
Team Development Outcomes Decision Making The ability to make a logical choice from possible alternatives in order to arrive at a solution for a given problem. While decision making will be at a team level, there are valuable lessons in choices and decision making for individuals that can be transferred to later situations.


The Outward Bound course is an Open enrolment, 8 days journey-style experience for youth. This is an extended and engaging course preparing youth for their future, and for many people it may be a long-lasting and meaningful event that helps with transition and future decisions.
All the course activities will be conducted in a group. Challenging the students as a group will provide them a lot of chances for social interaction and development of their communication skills. The learning process will include relfection on social behaviours within the group, and their influence on others. Teenagers will be engaged in activities, which would challenge as a team, but also on a personal level. Those would be thought provoking experiences through which the students can identify their strengths, weaknesses and recognize their positive behaviours.



Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Icebreakers Intro. to OB Kayak Skills Expedition Kayaking Kayaking
Fishing Skills
Explore local fishing cultures / farms
Jungle Trekking Public Speaking Activity
Service Learning
Beach Trek Final Beach Run
Transfer & Action Plans
Cleaning & Showers
Lunch Canteen Canteen Packed Lunch Packed Lunch Packed Lunch Packed Lunch Packed Lunch
Afternoon High Ropes Navigation Planning Swim Depart for Kayak Journey Environmental Learning Project: Micro-Plastic Analysis Kayaking Changeover to Land Jungle Trekking Abseiling Solo Bouldering / Caving Travel Home
Dinner Canteen Camsite Camsite Canteen Canteen Canteen Canteen
Evening Expedition Preparation Route Planning Campcraft Cooking Star-Charts Evening Group Work Soft Skill Workshops Evening Group Work Final Review
Sleeping Dorms Camping Camping near Beach Dorm Dorm Dorm Dorm