The Outward Bound experiential learning approach redefines outdoor learning. More than just helmets and harnesses, and more than just distraction, fun and sport, intelligent outdoor learning integrates motivating and challenging activities with clear learning outcomes, and the immersion of an individual in a friendly and safe, away-from-home environment.

Experiential education is at the heart of our approach, because students are learning and growing by engaging in hands-on, interactive activities that reinforce their relationship with nature. Informal education occurs outside a traditional school setting. Place-based education differs from conventional text and classroom based education in that it emphasises the local community, environment and culture as a primary learning resource.

The framework adopted by Outward Bound Vietnam delivers a holistic experiential learning experience. Students will be introduced to adventure based first-hand learning activities which nurtures each individual on:

We seek to build leaders. Our students will be inspired by their instructors, fellow students, and their own accomplishments. Students have the opportunity to explore their passions and their goals that is consistent with a leaders' personality and core values, and more importantly to inspire others.
Each of our students will have the opportunity to challenge their comfort zones and explore their capacity for courage. Students shall in-turn also be encouraged to develop and instil courage in others.
Many experiences at Outward Bound Vietnam requires teamwork to accomplish tasks. Programmes are tailored to promote collaboration and contribution from every individual to accomplish a common goal.
We encourage our students to strive for excellence in all that they do with awareness and attention by competing against oneself. Students shall be supported to use their abilities and opportunities to their fullest potential developing a character of excelling with the right attitude.
Communication is an essential element. Our programmes are designed to impel our students to be active listeners first, and display direct assertive expression by finding their own voice.
Our programmes shall nurture students in understanding the interaction between empathy, humility, sharing and mutual concern. To see how all parts of our lives are connected and to understand that we are a part of the web of life.
We strive to enhance individual difference recognition and interpersonal interactions in a wide range of social contexts focusing on specific capabilities that are important for high quality personal relationships and effectiveness in culturally diverse settings.
We encourage our student graduates to be responsible change agents in society providing community services to the under-privileged, respecting and appreciating cultural differences between communities.
We aim to promote sustainable use and management of natural resources and protection of biodiversity while preserving wildlife and ecosystem to create a balanced environment.
All of our programmes integrate reflection as a part of the learning process. This allow students to analyse their experiences, make changes based on mistakes they have made, keep doing what is successful, and build upon or modify past knowledge based on new knowledge.

I am stronger than I'd imagined. This knowledge gives me courage, poise and ultimately success in facing hurdles big and small.


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