Risk Management


  • Safe Programs
  • Instructors
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessment

Safe Programs

The overall and final responsibility for health and safety lies with our instructors

The management of safety and risk in the outdoors ultimately involves the judgement of staff and this is supported through documentation and formal/informal meetings and discussions.  Staff are required to keep up to date, understand, participate in and follow specified systems and rules.

Documentation includes:

    • Safety Rules and Risk Assessments
    • Safety Working Procedures and Policies
    • Periodic Safety Memos and Notices
    • Incident Management


All our instructors when recruited, have to meet our minimum outdoor qualifications and appropriate experience requirement, which includes:

Outward Bound Vietnam instructors come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. They maintain their qualification in Wilderness First Aid and are trained in technical, facilitation and group management skills. Their technical training includes Ropes Work, Navigation, Backpacking, Camp Craft and Environmental Skills, including Leave No Trace and Local Area Knowledge. Our outdoor leaders training covers risk management and decision making as well.

Risk Management and Risk Assessment

At Outward Bound Vietnam  we aspire to provide genuinely adventurous activities which have an element of real risk. This can only be done by having robust systems of safety and risk management.

Each activity, whether land or water based, has been reviewed by operational staff, significant risks and hazards are identified together with action required and control measures for their mitigation.  The Risk Assessments are reviewed on an ongoing basis.