Outward Bound Vietnam believes in building a culture of safety and we are motivated by the

following objectives:

• Prevent fatalities, disabling injuries, and serious illnesses in our working environment

• Minimize risk of harm (physical, emotional, psychological) to staff and students

through sound operational and training policies that govern our programs

• Continuously and critically review operations and risk management polices with a

focus on learning and improvement

Position Summary:

The Manager (Safety & Risk Management) is a new position that will be part of OBV’s middle

management/leadership team responsible for maintaining high standards of excellence in the

management and execution of safety policies and risk management across OBV’s training


The incumbent will lead Safety & Quality audits at OBV that supports the organization to keep

abreast of safety and risk management regulations and policies, and to drive holistic

transformation in organizational safety culture. He/she will also work with the Head of

Operations, OBV’s Senior Management team, Risk Management Committee and local

agencies to strengthen our Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management systems and

procedures. As our Safety & Risk management Manager, you will be supporting the research,

curation, and development of safety related content that are both engaging and appropriate for

OBV staff. You will also assist to gather and present relevant safety data to aid in the work of

“Building Safety Culture” related initiatives to instil staff with the right safety attitudes, mindset,

and behaviour at work. You will lead in driving safety initiatives and data analysis by

creating/reviewing safety and risk management policies, investigating incidents, monitoring

trends, finding safety gaps and supporting program teams when safety related questions arise.

This includes but is not limited to ensuring staff adherence to local operating procedures

(where applicable) and safety standards as well as conducting risk assessments.

This is a full time role on a 2-year contract and the incumbent reports to the Head of Operations

at whichever OBV base he/she is located.

Key Functions:

A. Training & Development:

• Create, and implement strategies and safety management systems to support the

efficient, safe and effective delivery of field programmes

• Curation of safety education training materials and courseware for workplace safety

• Direct structured safety education for staff and monitor their quality outputs/results

• Regularly appraise ongoing programs to review field safety standards

• Research on relevant, trending, or emerging outdoor education Safety Quality related


• Plan, coordinate and facilitate safety related learning events and trainings

• Role model senior staff behaviour, including building a positive organisational culture

B. Health & Safety

• Manage the safe delivery of outdoor education staff training programmes

• Ensure that all training programs are delivered per OBV safety and quality


• Ensure field and administrative staff adhere to all relevant risk management, health

and safety legislation and standards; including relevant OBV risk management, health

and safety policies and procedures

• Keep abreast knowledge of external standards applying to training, safety, and quality

in Outdoor Education. This includes research on relevant, trending, or emerging

Safety/Quality related information in the Outdoor Education industry

• Lead incident investigations

• Participate in emergency on-call system for field programmes when necessary

• Participate in critical incident response systems as part of crisis management team

• Assist in internal and external Safety Reviews & Audits

• Communicate, implement and monitor safety-culture building events and initiatives

• Present safety and incident related statistics at relevant platforms (e.g. Risk

Management Committee, OB International risk management reports)

C. Fiscal Management

• Plan and manage safety-related budgets for safety events, safety-related training and


D. Other Duties

• Undertake other duties as needed and in any ad hoc tasks as assigned by immediate

Supervisor and / or Management

• Maintain confidentiality in all matters relating to the business activities of Outward

Bound and its staff

• The Employee is required to travel as and when required

This Job Description is not limited to the duties / responsibilities described above and will be

subject to changes to incorporate any duties / responsibilities to reflect the job scope / business


Required Professional Experience/Qualifications:

• Bachelor degree in Workplace Health Safety, or a related field of Outdoor,

Environmental or Experiential education.

• General Degrees may be considered if there is work experience in the workplace

health/safety sector and / or outdoor education industry

• Minimum 6 years of supervisory experience in the field of safety management,

experiential education or outdoor recreation, outdoor adventure education field,

including training and safety management responsibilities.

• Experience leading a team of instructors/practitioners

• Experience in planning safety related training programmes, manuals and events

• Able to demonstrate and role model and display core values of Outward Bound

• Strong organizational skills and good communication in English, both verbal and


• Demonstrate sound judgement, ability to work independently, and the ability to

manage multiple tasks and priorities effectively under stressful conditions

• Proficient in research work. Ability to analyse and visualize data using Data

Visualizing tool (e.g. Tableau, Power BI) will be advantageous

• Strong project management skills with the ability to manage within tight timelines

• Experience in managing Risk Management reviews and/or Safety Audits in the

outdoor industry will be advantageous

• Knowledge and Experience of running OE and/or Outward Bound programmes is


• High level of professionalism with strong leadership attributes

• Detail oriented with excellent organizational skills

• Good communication skills

This job opening is open for Expats only.

If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to: office@obv.vn