Celebrating Outward Bound’s Impact in 2023 

We are delighted to share with you the Outward Bound 2023 Year in Review. This publication not only illustrates the amazing impact and achievements of our global network of Outward Bound schools in 2023, but also helps you understand more about Outward Bound’s model and global relevance.   Outward Bound is the world’s leading provider […]

Exciting news from Outward Bound International (OBI)

The latest newsletter is out, filled with exciting updates and developments from around the network! This edition is packed with amazing contents, including an in-depth look into global impact report, international collaborations, leadership transitions, and strategic projects updates. We are thrilled to have the appointment of OBV new Executive Director, Mr. Elamaaran Balakrishnan featured in this latest newsletter from Outward Bound […]

Outward Bound Vietnam embraces high-quality experiential learning

Read more at: Vietnam Investment Review In the face of post-COVID challenges, experiential learning has emerged as one of the key educational components that prepare Vietnamese youths for future job market demands. As the leading experiential education provider with established international expertise and prestige, Outward Bound Vietnam has many stories to share. The modern job […]

In April 2022, Outward Bound Vietnam at Cat Hai centre, Binh Dinh collaborated with Quy Nhon University and Cat Hai Secondary School to organise a scholarship and programme introductory session with the participation of nearly 80 students. This event kicks off Outward Bound Vietnam’s strategic commitment to support the development of local human resources in […]

Team Building Via Outward Bound

In the commune of Cat Hai, Tan Thanh District, Binh Dinh province, the local chapter of an international organisation has commenced operations. Outward Bound began operating pilot courses from this site in 2016 and scaled up to full operations in 2018.

Practical outings for the summer break

With borders closed, many parents are looking for options for their children over the summertime – and Outward Bound Vietnam is now providing summer camps from its coastal centre in Binh Dinh province, north of Quy Nhon. Summer camps are a great way to ensure children have well-supervised experiences while learning to socialise and also […]

Setting Goals and Expressing Gratitude

According to the Harvard Medical School, gratitude is defined as ‘thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible.’ At Outward Bound Vietnam, expressing gratitude and setting tangible goals are cornerstones of our programs that instil grit, compassion, wellness and a sense of agency in our participants. The practise of being grateful has […]

Leave No Trace Write Up

Every time we step into the backcountry, we have an impact. We walk on terrain that may be changed by our method of travel. We build a fire and go to the bathroom. We pick up interesting things and often, usually unintentionally, leave trash. The Leave No Trace Trainer was designed to help people mitigate […]

OBV Reopening after Covid 19

OBV has reopened our coastal centre near Quy Nhon for programs and has a phased resumption of programs in June and July. Earlier this week we wrapped up our first five-day course with full COVID adjustments. It’s great to be back running programs, even with social distancing and a different way we do many of […]