OBI Newsletter: 2023 Year In Review

We’re excited to share Ouward Bound 2023 Year In Review Newsletter. It encapsulates our key milestones, initiatives, and community achievements. Look forward to more from OBI in 2024!

OBI’s first edition of Compass Newsletter of 2024

We are delighted to share with you the first edition of OBI’s Compass Newsletter for 2024. This edition comes packed with thought-provoking articles, updates on our newest initiatives, and noteworthy highlights from our vibrant community. We trust you’ll find it as enjoyable to read as we found it creating. Keep an eye out for more […]

Ringing in the New Year with Our 6th Edition Newsletter!

As we bid farewell to an eventful 2023 and welcome the new year with open arms, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our 6th edition newsletter! This publication is not just an update; it’s a celebration of our journey, a reflection of the learning programs we have rolled out, the milestones we’ve achieved, and […]

The 5th Edition of the Outward Bound Vietnam (OBV) Newsletter for 2023!

Welcome to the 5th OBV 2023 Newsletter! Get ready for exciting updates and captivating tales from our programmes. Join us! Read about our amazing experiences and help spread the word about OBV’s mission. At OBV, we are dedicated to identifying and nurturing the best in every individual, helping them to acknowledge their own potential. Enjoy […]

Unveiling the 7th Edition of the Outward Bound Vietnam Newsletter

We are thrilled to present the 7th edition of our Outward Bound Vietnam (OBV) Newsletter in May 2024! This issue is brimming with updates about our latest advancements and tales from our exhilarating escapades. In the recent period, we have undertaken numerous activities, including staff training in Ha Long and at the Indigo Training School […]


Seize the opportunity to become an Instructor Trainee at Outward Bound Vietnam today!   Outward Bound Vietnam is a member of Outward Bound International – a world’s leading organization with educational-oriented, nature-experienced programs that improve participants’ life/survival skills, helping participants realize their own abilities and rise above the usual limits of self-efficacy. Our programs have […]


Outward Bound Vietnam (OBV) is recruiting Senior Instructors! Join the instructional team and be based at our 2 training bases in either Quy Nhon or Ha Long. Our instructors use stimulating wilderness environments to guide youths and adults to create life-changing experiences. Through expert facilitation, they develop positive attributes, values and mindsets that will equip […]


Outward Bound Vietnam believes in building a culture of safety and we are motivated by the following objectives: • Prevent fatalities, disabling injuries, and serious illnesses in our working environment • Minimize risk of harm (physical, emotional, psychological) to staff and students through sound operational and training policies that govern our programs • Continuously and […]

Celebrating Outward Bound’s Impact in 2023 

We are delighted to share with you the Outward Bound 2023 Year in Review. This publication not only illustrates the amazing impact and achievements of our global network of Outward Bound schools in 2023, but also helps you understand more about Outward Bound’s model and global relevance.   Outward Bound is the world’s leading provider […]